10 most valuable trademarks worldwide

Surprisingly, Amazon has officially replaced Google from the most valuable trademarks worldwide. On the other hand, where many brands have increased its brand value and on the other, many brands have decreased its ranking. The most valuable trademarks worldwide of this year are mentioned below:

  1. Amazon

Amazon’s brand value is on the top with 150.8 billion dollars and if we talk about its percentage, it has been changed up to 42% when compared to the last year and within this short period of time, it is marked at the first position in the most valuable trademark. Last year Amazon was in the third position.

  1. Apple

Apple is strongly holding the 2nd position in the market as same as it was holding at the last year. This year it is holding its position after Amazon with changing percentage of 37% with a current brand value of 146.3 billion dollars.

  1. Google

Google one of the most useful tools for android but surprisingly its rank has been dropped down from 1st rank to 3rd this year in the list of most valuable trademarks worldwide. When compared with the last year it has been changed only 10% with a brand value of 120.9 billion.

  1. Samsung

Last year Samsung was spotted at the rank 6 but this one of the most powerful tech companies has climbed to the rank 4 this year. In addition to Galaxy phones, TVs, Home securities, Samsung offers tablets, home appliances and many more.

  1. Facebook

According to a report, Facebook is getting benefit by the impact of the digital content, which has helped it to change 45% from the last year and to get rank 5. Last year its position was in the rank 9.

  1. AT &T

Brand value of AT & T is 82.4 billion dollars. Like Verizon, AT &T had also fallen down by 5%. Last year its rank was at 4 but this year it is 6.

  1. Microsoft

Unfortunately, Microsoft has had a very strong start to 2018 but because of the cloud service, it cannot preserve its desired position. Last year its rank was on the 5th in the list of most valuable trademarks worldwide but this year it decreased its value and steeped in the rank 7th.

  1. Verizon

As mentioned before, Verizon had also down by 5% when compared to the last year because now it is losing its customers to the companies like T-mobile which is even smaller than Verizon. Last year it was standing in the position 7th but this year it is in the rank 8th.

  1. Walmart

While comparing the experience of Walmart to the last year and this year then Walmart has loosened its value by 1% as because by 2018 more than 60 of its Sam’s Club stores has been closed. Last year it was in the rank 8 but this year it is in 9th with a brand value of 61.5 billion dollars.

  1. ICBC

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has increased its brand value by 24% but could not reach the higher position. Last year its rank was on the 10th and this year too it is in the same position.
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